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Clint and Suzanne LaFary
1598 Towerline Rd, Delavan, IL 61734
Sur le Delavan Kennel Training Programs
Hourly Training at Sur le Delavan Kennel
We are now offering a training option for those of you who want a more hands on option for you and your dog.  This training is done at 1-3 hours at a time.  It is an opportunity for you to come to our farm and I will work with you and your dog to achieve your training goals.  I will provide all the training "tools" needed. The major plus side of this training option is you get to take your dog home each time and work with the new skills we have practiced.  $40.00 an hour or $100 for 3 hours.  Plus the cost of birds.  
Boarding is available on a limited basis  for $15.00 per day.
Started Puppy Program

In this 30 day (one month) period the focus is on introductory work designed to educate your 4-6 month old pup on how to get the most out of his or her early sessions. During this critical stage of rapid development we lay the foundation for a great hunting dog. A poorly started pup often will be unsuccessful in its later training. During this time, it will be properly introduced to birds (pointing and retrieving), the gun, and the hunting environment. It is imperative that these introductions be done the correct way. If they aren't, you can expect problems for the rest of the dog's life

Our goal with your pup during the 30 days is to bring out its natural ability to point and retrieve. Many people use this program as an evaluation process for young dogs. It saves a lot of time and money, by knowing early on what you have.  
We play retrieve with every dog at the end of each training session. This not only acts as a reward but will encourage and help develop whatever level of retrieving instinct that dog may possess. This will enhance his natural instinct to retrieve and often will help to turn him into a dependable retriever, thus being able to avoid force-training later. 

At the end of the 30 day puppy program, if your dog has the instincts, you will have a dog that you can take hunting. He will point birds, you can feel safe shooting over the dog, and hopefully retrieve. He will handle and understand the "here" command.  

The PUPPY PROGRAM does not teach “WHOA .” This is a confidence building program for young dogs and this is not the place to put this type of restriction on these pups. 

The puppy program is limited to (2) two puppies each month March - September.
The Training Fee is $750.00 for the 30 day (one month) Puppy Program. Plus the cost of birds.

Finished dog Program

This is the foundation for all great Gun Dogs and Field Trail Dogs. This training program is geared for the Gun Dog that spends its life in search of birds in all types of cover.

Our Finished Program is a 90 day (3 month program.) This program is for adult dogs or older puppies that have completed our Puppy Program.  
Dogs in this program will go through all the steps outlined in our PUPPY PROGRAM and then will continue on to learn HEEL, WHOA, to be STEADY TO WING, or STEADY TO WING, SHOT AND RELEASE. He will understand these things completely and perform them happily and to a very high degree of proficiency. 90 days to a finished steady to wing and shot dog, We guarantee it! This program includes everything except force training to retrieve.

As a result of our play-retrieve policy throughout all of our training programs, many dogs learn to become very reliable retrievers without the need for force training (ie. trained retrieve). As a result FORCE - TRAINING is not included in the FINISH PROGRAM.

The price for the gun dog program is $2250.00 total - $750.00 per month plus the cost of birds.  

                                      *** PLEASE NOTE ***
At the end of the training we will expect you, the handler, to come and spend some time with us when you pick up your dog. This will ensure you understand what the dog knows and how to handle the different situations that will arise when out with your dog, and that the dog will perform to the same high standards for you the owner as he does for us. This also gives you the tools you will need to be able to maintain his training and eliminates the need to come back for yearly "tune-ups." This policy is an important part of helping you and your dog become a successful team, whether it be a foot hunting companion and trial dog.